Energy Booster - MyTea™ Magic

I Can Heal Myself

$ 420.00


MyTea™ Magic

Save $$$$
by keeping your immune system
working at all times

• This is a 2 week program focused on boosting your immune system.

• Keep your energy level up by flushing toxins out of the lymphatic system.

• This program is for anyone who has completed a detox program with Dr. Charles Kwang and wants to maintain their immune system.

• Recommend every 12 months to flush out any toxins in your lymphatic system. Make sure this is in the freezer after you come back from a vacation.

• Free shipping to anywhere in continental United States

Improve your Immune and energy 

2-week Supply

Store in freezer

Thaw before use

free shipping U.S., No Tax
Money Back Guarantee Policy

Weight 6 Lbs

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