Your Vitamin C & D3

Dr. Kwang's Popular Vitamin C  for Mom and ...DID YOU KNOW THAT VITAMIN C HELPS MOM HELP BABY?

Vitamin C reduces inflammation, increase immune system, increase circulation, promote bone growth, promote circulation, clear skin.
Vitamin C is needed for nervous system development, bone and muscle development, clear skin, balanced sleep.
Healthy babies do not suffer from allergies eczema ear infection constipation irritability low energy slow metabolism Liquid vitamin C can be mixed with juice or water. [Order liquid vitamin C here.]

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 Dr. Kwang’s Organic Vitamin C is the best energy infusion drink for all ages


Energize Yourself And Do What You Love

Detox Grade Vitamin D3 
2500 mcg  vitamin D3, 7 packs per box
10,000 IU per dose
More concentrated to support detox
Used by Detox Clinics to support kidney, liver and limph detox
Used to boost immune system and circulation to detox inflammation
Liquid form for maximum absorption. Consult with your physician before drinking this tea
especially if you are pregnant or nursing
Used to support detox, reduce inflammation and increase circulation MADE in USA

Our immune system is very effective in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. The fungus and parasites are not so easy. They are immune to our white blood cells. Fungus has been able to attach themselves to white blood cells. Parasites are too big or have shielding that makes them impervious to white blood cell attack. 

The idea that Chinese herbal medicine has come about was to help with the attack of external pathogens. Our immune system is very good when it is well maintained with proper diet, exercise, and sleep. When we compromise our own immune system we lend ourselves to attack. We become infected with fungus and parasites when our immune system is compromised. It takes time to rebuild our immune system. If we deplete our own reserves then we will not be able to rebuild our immune system. 

A successful nutritional program is to eat vegetables and fruits for the minerals and vitamins. Grains, seeds and beans provide essential amino acids and essential fats. This will give us the reserves we need to maintain our immune system. 

Using Chinese herbal teas are effective in weakening external pathogens quickly. This will allow the immune system to attack the external pathogens and destroy them. This takes the stress off a weakened body. Chronically sick people need to eradicate external pathogens quickly to begin the healing process. The human body can cope for years with fungus and parasites. The lymph nodes may be swollen, the tonsils may be swollen and the bone marrow may become depleted. 


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