Welcome To MyTea™ Magic by Dr. Kwang

Welcome To MyTea™ Magic by Dr. Kwang

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    Advice From ...

    Advice From ...

    If this is your year to be healthier and happier, take comfort in knowing you can drastically improve your happiness and well being by just making lots of small changes that will add up over time.

    Use these seven ideas as a place to start, and incorporate one or two a week. By the end of February, you’ll have a new series of habits that will put you well on your way to being your happiest, healthiest self! 

    Get up Earlier Start with just 15 minutes earlier. Set your alarm, and get up when it goes off. The extra 15 minutes will be enough so that you aren’t rushed, you can set up your day and get organized (both mentally and physically), or you can get a head start on your long list of to-dos for the day. Starting out with a good, fresh perspective involving seeing the early morning hours, will do wonders for your state of mind and productivity.

    Go outside whether you go outside for some exercise to spend some time in nature, or just to sit on your porch and drink coffee/tea in the morning, the fresh air and sunshine will give your body a refreshing boost of energy (and even a dose of Vitamin D)!

    Just move Forget about resolutions and gym memberships and promises of how often you will work out – just move!!   Get up and move every hour (at least), start the day with stretching and movement, and as you are more easily able to commit to this, transition into regular exercise routines, choosing an exercise method you can maintain and do consistently. The best therapy is to take a walk once a day and look at your environment.

    Indulge in your guilty pleasure Don’t use foods as a reward or only on days when you burn a lot of calories, just sit down and have some healthy food choices you make with no guilt.

    Apply your mantra or attitude You are probably familiar with the power of words, but have you heard of the power of words and repetition, as they relate to you? Do some research and find a mantra you could use to motivate yourself and start blending it into your life every day thoughts and good energy just for you.

    Let it go whether it’s a grudge you’re holding against someone else, something you regret, or a grudge you are holding against yourself, find the space to accept, forgive and move on. Make this the year you let it go, accept it as the past and then move happily forward. Breath in a new good thought and breath out toxic thoughts. Smile forcefully and soon you won't have to do this as a pretense.

    Eat good food  & Drink Vitamin Tea Even if you start with eliminating one food you shouldn’t be eating and replacing it with one new good for your food, this can go a long way in improving your energy, state of mind and self-confidence. As you accomplish one, continue to make changes one at a time until you are consuming a cleaner, healthier diet overall.

    Love and Help others...


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    DETOX, DETOX and DETOX ...The One Thing I Wish I'd Known Sooner

    DETOX, DETOX and DETOX ...The One Thing I Wish I'd Known Sooner

    Perhaps you've been searching for something to handle your health problem.

    I know what is available to you. It’s very frustrating. 

    I have been searching for a natural way to help people with their health problems. I started on the medical side researching how the body worked so new drugs can be developed.

    I shifted over to the natural side and tried to learn from previous practitioners who have been helping people for decades and share. 

    Medical doctors have pills to suppress body reactions. So if you don’t agree with their methods, 
    then going the natural route is logical. Many natural practitioners use natural pills to accomplish the same thing. Researching drugs starts by researching plants. I've researched many things that were later used to create pills for medical doctors.

    Instead of using the phytonutrient that was meant to work with the body, pharmaceutical companies wanted to create a chemical that works the same way. They can create a patent and make more money. However, their drug doesn’t work as well as the phytonutrient.  [definition: phytonutrient:  a substance found in certain plants which is believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases.]

    I’ve attended thousands of hours of seminars on nutrition. I’ve met nutritionists who spent their entire lives helping people. 

    I had to create a better, more effective method to help people based on my experience as a researcher, first hand observation and my knowingness. 

    So welcome to the beginning of the new you. 

    Meet Dr. Charles Kwang

    Hi. You have a lot of questions about your health problem and why. I have been researching and trying different ways to solve health problems using Chinese medicine and concentrated nutrition. 

    I have been working with people’s health problems similar to yours. As I became more successful handling their health problems I met people who were not able to come to the office. These people were disabled for whatever reason and couldn’t come to the office. 

    I use kinesiology and specific questionnaire to pinpoint the cause of your health problem in the office. Kinesiology checks for the cause of the health problems. The questionnaire prioritizes the treatment plan to help the person feel better as soon as possible. 

    If you can’t come to the office then there’s another way to get the same benefit. I still need some way to analyze your weakness. That’s where the hair sample comes in. A specific questionnaire plus the information from the hair analysis pinpoints the cause of your health problem.  

    What can this program do for you? 

    The people who couldn’t come to my office were not able to get the benefits from my program. So I researched a way to help people who can’t come to the office. 

    I found kinesiology tested for the weaknesses in the DNA. Once I found the cause of all health problems are directly related to DNA damage, I was able to focus my program on DNA weakness. 

    Every function not working in the body is due to DNA damage. You can minimize the health problems with better diet and increase nutrition. You may notice feeling better by avoiding processed foods and juicing but don’t feel completely better. The real solution is to fix the DNA damage. 

    So I found DNA weaknesses and found the malfunctioning body problem. Each malfunctioning body part is directly related to a weakness found in the DNA. 

    Herbs have been found to stimulate the body’s ability to heal at the DNA level. This means herbs can repair DNA to restore function. 

    How do you know if your health problem is due to DNA damage? 

    If you had a nutritional deficiency 

    The number one issue with today’s health problem is no one had an effective solution until now. 

    The best way to handle any health problem is to understand how to treat the source. The source of chronic health problems is always somewhere else. It’s not what medical doctors think is the problem. It’s not what acupuncturists, nutritionists and naturopaths think is the problem. 

    How do you know if your problem can be helped with this program? 

    If your health problem was due to a nutritional deficiency then you would feel immediately better and normal once you replenish your body with the proper nutrients. For example, if you had a vitamin C deficiency then juicing fruits and vegetables would immediately bring you back to normal. 

    If you found you need to take large amounts of vitamins every day to maintain function than you have a bigger problem. This means your body is not absorbing nutrients effectively or your body is using up the nutrients faster than you can absorb them. 

    If you have more than a nutritional deficiency 

    So you may have a deeper problem than a nutritional deficiency. Something is causing your nutritional deficiency. It’s most likely inflammation. Inflammation is caused by toxins. So now we have to find out why your body can’t detox toxins. 

    Instead of identifying individual toxins Dr. Kwang found all toxins are eliminated by the kidneys and liver. So instead of finding out the types of toxins Dr. Kwang focused on finding the problem with detox. 

    The first step in all detox is to make sure circulation is working. Poor circulation is caused by accumulated toxins. Toxins cause inflammation and inflammation slows down circulation. Once your circulation slow down then detoxing will not be enough. 

    The first step of any effective detox program is to improve the circulation.

    So this is what we’re going to do. We are going to improve the circulation in 3 stages. 

    Step One 

    Step one of the 6 week circulation program focuses on increasing fluid flowing through the lymph vessels. If you have any toxins in your lymph vessels then you will experience a detox reaction. 

    Here is a list of typical detox reactions: 

    1. Headaches 

    2. Body pain 

    3. Nausea 

    4. Indigestion 

    5. Muscle spasms 

    6. Joint pain 

    7. Numbness 


    This is a reaction you will experience the first few days and then the reactions will go away. So it is important to continue and don’t stop. 

    In some cases the detox reaction is severe enough to stop. This means you have a lot of toxins and increasing fluid flow overloaded your kidneys and liver. 

    Stop the program for two days and let your kidneys and liver catch up. Once you feel better start taking the teas again. 


    What is in Step One? 

    Step One was created based on Dr. Kwang’s observation how to increase lymph circulation.

    The lymph circulation can be stuck with toxins which prevents effective detox. 

    Many detox programs focus on the kidneys and liver. But the lymph circulation was not addressed properly. 

    Step One contains amino acids, concentrated vitamin C and D3 to promote lymph detox. This step focuses on moving toxins stuck in the lymph nodes and vessels. 

    Step Two 

    Step two of the 6 week circulation program focuses on healing the damage caused by long term inflammation. Inflammation is caused by toxins. 

    There are many toxins that cannot be detected by medical tests. It’s there but medical tests can’t find it. The body reacts to the toxins and cause inflammation. The medical tests detect inflammation because our body reacts to all the toxins the same way. 

    Step One eliminates toxins in the lymph. Step Two focuses on reducing the inflammation in the lymph vessels. Since this is a healing step there are no detox reactions. Healing inflamed lymph vessels will allow lymph fluid to continue to flow. 

    Many people report feeling sinuses drain and lung mucus started to reduce. Your lymph circulation improves when lymph vessels are not inflamed. 

    This is a healing step and not a detox. 


    What is in Step Two? 

    Step Two was discovered by Dr. Kwang after people completed Step One. These people still had pain after they completed Step One. Repeating Step One did not help any more. There were no more toxins but there was still some pain. 

    Once the lymph vessels were healed the pain was gone. Step One should be done first before Step Two. In some extreme health problems, Step One and Two are done together to speed up the process. 

    People who benefit from this step are those who suffer from chronic fatigue and pain and have tried other ways to improve their energy. They sleep a little better and feel an increased boost in their energy. 

    Step Two contains amino acids, concentrated vitamin C and D3 to heal from damage caused by inflammation. This step also focuses on reducing inflammation caused by toxins. 

    Step Three 

    Step three of the 6 week circulation program is the last step. This step focuses on improving your immune system to fight infection. This is a real boost your immune system will need. Once your immune system is charged up your energy improves and you are ready to start the heavy duty detox. 

    Long term accumulation of toxins and inflammation has worn down the immune system to be able to fight infection. An indicator of low immune system is chronic fatigue, have trouble going to sleep, have trouble staying asleep and body pain. 

    Increasing your immune system with Step Three will jump start a detox. Some people experience cold symptoms, body aches and headaches. This is normal. 

    If you feel the detox is too much to handle then stop the teas. Let your immune system clean up some toxins. Wait 2 days and when you feel better you can start again. You will not feel the detox as much as before. 


    What’s next? 

    Completing Step One removes toxins build up in the lymph nodes and vessels. 

    Completing Step Two heals damage caused by toxins in the lymph nodes and vessels. 

    Completing Step Three increase your immune system to detox. 

    Once you have completed all three steps the next thing is to determine if there are toxins in the kidneys and liver. Not detoxing kidneys and liver will cause toxins to build up again in the lymph nodes and vessels. People who complete the kidney and liver cleanse gained a significant ability to stay healthy. 

    Find out if you need the kidney and liver detox. 

    Starting with the best concentrated liquid vitamin C, this is the one you've been searching for. With 10,000 mg ascorbic acid as one dose your energy will surge for you in a very natural way. 

    14 pouches per each package. 


     7 pouches per package 

    All Products Have A Money Back Guarantee Policy


    Made With


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    Lose The Fat !!

    Lose The Fat !!

    Join in on the best solution on dieting to help lose or burn fat in a very gentle method, naturally with Dr. Kwang's latest MyTea™ Magic.
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    Vitamin C and Why Babies Need It Too...

    Vitamin C and Why Babies Need It Too...

    Vitamin C keeps neurological pathways open. This helps babies develop their senses. Babies develop better muscle coordination.

    Vitamin C is required for cells grow. New cells requires Vitamin C.

    Babies are constantly growing so they need lots of Vitamin C for every cell to grow.

    Vitamin C detoxes the body which clears the skin. A healthy skin is a good sign the body's detox is working.


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    Your Vitamin C & D3

    Your Vitamin C & D3

    Dr. Kwang's Popular Vitamin C  for Mom and ...DID YOU KNOW THAT VITAMIN C HELPS MOM HELP BABY?

    Vitamin C reduces inflammation, increase immune system, increase circulation, promote bone growth, promote circulation, clear skin.
    Vitamin C is needed for nervous system development, bone and muscle development, clear skin, balanced sleep.
    Healthy babies do not suffer from allergies eczema ear infection constipation irritability low energy slow metabolism Liquid vitamin C can be mixed with juice or water. [Order liquid vitamin C here.]

    shopScreen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.44.39 AM

     Dr. Kwang’s Organic Vitamin C is the best energy infusion drink for all ages


    Energize Yourself And Do What You Love

    Detox Grade Vitamin D3 
    2500 mcg  vitamin D3, 7 packs per box
    10,000 IU per dose
    More concentrated to support detox
    Used by Detox Clinics to support kidney, liver and limph detox
    Used to boost immune system and circulation to detox inflammation
    Liquid form for maximum absorption. Consult with your physician before drinking this tea
    especially if you are pregnant or nursing
    Used to support detox, reduce inflammation and increase circulation MADE in USA

    Our immune system is very effective in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. The fungus and parasites are not so easy. They are immune to our white blood cells. Fungus has been able to attach themselves to white blood cells. Parasites are too big or have shielding that makes them impervious to white blood cell attack. 

    The idea that Chinese herbal medicine has come about was to help with the attack of external pathogens. Our immune system is very good when it is well maintained with proper diet, exercise, and sleep. When we compromise our own immune system we lend ourselves to attack. We become infected with fungus and parasites when our immune system is compromised. It takes time to rebuild our immune system. If we deplete our own reserves then we will not be able to rebuild our immune system. 

    A successful nutritional program is to eat vegetables and fruits for the minerals and vitamins. Grains, seeds and beans provide essential amino acids and essential fats. This will give us the reserves we need to maintain our immune system. 

    Using Chinese herbal teas are effective in weakening external pathogens quickly. This will allow the immune system to attack the external pathogens and destroy them. This takes the stress off a weakened body. Chronically sick people need to eradicate external pathogens quickly to begin the healing process. The human body can cope for years with fungus and parasites. The lymph nodes may be swollen, the tonsils may be swollen and the bone marrow may become depleted. 


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      Fibromyalgia Relief

      Fibromyalgia Relief

      There are several approaches to the treatment of fibromyalgia, but overall successful results have been very poor until this Infused Tea:

      Fibromyalgia Energy Homeopathic Water

      Widespread Pain Index

      The pain index is a checklist of different areas of the body where a patient has experienced pain during the previous week.  The WPI is scored as simply the total of the areas indicated by the patient, for a possible score of 19. To get an accurate score, it is recommended that the patient how he or she felt in the previous week, how they felt on their current treatments, and what other conditions they know they suffer from that might cause pain. The areas considered for the index are:

      • Shoulder girdle (between neck and shoulder), left and right
      • Upper arm, left and right
      • Lower arm, left and right
      • Hips, left and right
      • Upper leg, left and right
      • Lower leg, left and right
      • Jaw, left and right
      • Chest
      • Abdomen
      • Neck
      • Upper and Lower Back
      • I’d like to share some healing foods for fibromyalgia pain.

      1. Antioxidants

      Foods that contain antioxidants are also natural anti-inflammatories. In some cases, antioxidant rich fruit has been known to decrease inflammation by 18-25 percent. Dark greens are extremely high in antioxidants, as well as beets, walnuts, and green tea, to name a few.

      2. Vitamin D

      In some cases, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to triggering fibromyalgia symptoms. In fact, 90% of people with fibromyalgia also have a vitamin D deficiency, which is a startlingly high number!

      When you have a vitamin D deficiency, your immune system isn’t as reactive as it should be, so when it is faced with the pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia, it isn’t equipped to protect your body. I would recommend having 5000 units of vitamin D a day, which is easily attainable through vitamin D supplements.

      3. Magnesium

      Fibromyalgia can make sleeping very difficult at times and lack of sleep depletes your magnesium level drastically. Magnesium’s primary role in your body is to ensure that your enzymes are functioning properly. Enzymes allow your body to digest and absorb the nutrients from your food.

      Some of the best sources of magnesium are, pumpkin seeds, avocado, bananas, and guess what… dark chocolate! If you are low on magnesium, chances are your enzymes will not be able to get the most out of your food. Eating healthy is great, but your body must be equipped to absorb the nutrients properly.

      4. Omega-3 fatty acids

      Foods such as salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the pain of fibromyalgia symptoms. Most effectively it can ease the pain in your digestive tract, and joints as well as help those of you dealing with depression.

      Common Trigger foods

      The more toxic, preserved food you ingest, the more enzymes and antioxidants you’ll need to flush out your system, so rather than doing damage control, instead prevent your symptoms to the best of your ability.

      • Caffeine, Simple carbohydrates, Artificial sweeteners, Wheat, Corn and Soy


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